Launch of DAXView Mini

Launch of DAXView Mini

Mun Hean is proud to launch DAXView Mini – a compact IoT ready Direct Digital Control module.


DAXView Mini is designed by the same team that brought you the DAXView EMS and the DAXView iX10. The DAXView Mini, despite its small form factor is a communications powerhouse.

The diminutive module provides Modbus-RTU gateway, Digital Input Dry Contact and Analog Input Register to connect to various digital power meter, protection relay, circuit breaker trip coil status, temperature humidity sensor and other 3rd party Modbus devices.

User can easily configure alert notification via SMS or Email through the built in 4G cellular modem without any programming effort. The built-in web based configuration tool lets user configure settings and attachment of slave devices with ease. While data logging records can be saved into local flash storage and automatically sent via Email CSV attachment or local data export via Ethernet network.


Data from the DaxView Mini can be exported to BMS, DCIM and Internet Cloud platforms via Modbus-TCP, BACnet and MQTT. Control command can be sent securely to the Modbus-RTU devices via the MQTT protocol.

Data security compliance are addressed with TLS encryption, Digital Certificate and MQTT broker authentication.

Many new applications are possible with the DAXView mini e.g. Remote power meter reading and sending kWh report to Facility team, Critical equipment status monitoring and instant SMS alert on alarm event, Consolidation of multiple device logging and export live data to main BMS/ DCIM, IoT Cloud based data processing, Internet web dashboard and remote respond function.