Active Harmonic Filters

Active Harmonic Filter  
Active Harmonic Filters 

The effects of system harmonics power pollution is an increasing problem given the growth of sophisticated electronics and proliferation of non-linear loads in commercial and industrial applications. 

Non-linear loads are a result of systems that use frequency converter, drives, welding machines and applications that consume non-sinusoidal-shaped or unsymmetrical currents from the network. These generate a significant level of harmonics currents. The acute problem with harmonic currents is that they lead to issues such as thermal losses in cables, distribution panels, transformers, overloading and unstable network conditions due to unsymmetrical currents. 

Active Harmonic Filters provide reduction of system harmonics as well as highly dynamic reactive power compensation. Connected in parallel with the harmonic-generating loads, the Active Filter analyses the system harmonics profile and “injects” a counter-phase harmonic compensation current into the network, i.e. neutralising the corresponding harmonic distortions in the system. 

Sinexcel Electric Co., Ltd

Sinexcel Electric Co., Ltd. are specialists in power electronics solutions and provides New Energy and Smart Grid Industries with high quality and cost-effective power electronics products and solutions. The ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, with its unique modular design, introduces a highly flexible and customizable solution in active harmonic filtering systems. The Sinexcel Active Harmonic Filters boasts an impressive reference list that extends across of myriad of industries from Data Centres, Pharmaceutical, Oil Exploration, Marine Ports, Automotive Manufacturing, Silicon Manufacturing and Theme Parks.