Fast Switching Banks

Fast Switching Banks  

Also known as transient-free automatic capacitor bank or real-time fast switching capacitor bank, this German-based system is designed for optimized performance, enhanced life time and ultra fast control of power factor. 

MH Fast Switching Capacitor Systems are used in applications with high and frequent load fluctuations. In such cases, the conventional PFC systems are not fast enough to follow the load dynamics. The electromechanical contractors are also not designed for extensive switching cycles being susceptible to wear out thus raising concerns of safety risks. 

MH Fast Switching overcomes these issues by replacing the mechanical contactor with a semiconductor switch. This semiconductor switch is fast electronically controlled and is able to switch the capacitors within a few milliseconds without grid disturbances or high stress levels. 

Applications include: 

  • Automotive industry (welding, presses…) 
  • Lifts and cranes 
  • Large motor start-up compensation 
  • Crude oil drilling 
  • Wind turbines 
  • Welding