MH Protection Relays Certified with (CE) Mark

MH Protection Relays Certified with (CE) Mark

Singapore – MH Protection Relay has been certified by the national certification body, TUV SUD PSB, to have fulfilled all requirement for performance and safety standards in accordance with Conformitè Europëenne (CE) Mark.

By affixing the (CE) Mark, the MH Protection Relays are ready for export for use in Europe. At the same time, the (CE) Mark attests to the high safety, environmentally friendly and performance standards of the Protection Relays that are well-known in the Asian market.

The TUV SUD PSB is the same independent lab that certified the MH Protection Relay in accordance with IEC 60255 Standard. Type tests certified by TUV SUD PSB include electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests, environmental tests, mechanical tests and product safety tests.

The EMC test affirms the MH Protection Relays’ robustness against external EMC interference as well as verifying that the device is not a source of EMC disturbance. The environmental tests assess MH Protection Relays’ performance under cyclic temperature, humidity and durability under elevated environmental stress. At the same time, mechanical tests include vibration, shock and bump tests. These tests simulate conditions such as mishandling and stress during transportation.

The full range of MH Protection Relay is certified under the (CE) Mark as well as IEC 60255 standard by TUV SUD PSB. The product models are as follows:

a. Combined Overcurrent & Earth Fault Relay, REA200n and REA200e
b. IDMTL Overcurrent Relay, ROA207n and ROA207e
c. IDMTL Earth Fault Relay, REF052n and REF052e
d. DTL Overcurrent Relay, OA703 and OA703e
e. DTL Earth Fault Relay, EF18, EF18e, REF18e
f. Earth Leakage Relay, EL series, EL P series, REL series, EL D series