Lightning Strike Counter

Sky Counter  

Developed by Mun Hean Technology, one of the renowned specialists in lightning protection, the SKY COUNTER is a dedicated counter for direct lightning strikes.

The elegance of the device lies in its no frills simplicity, ease of installation and use.

– Weatherproof for outdoor applications
– Long service life
– No auxiliary source required
– Maintenance free
– Count accurately
– Sensitive response and wide lightning current measuring range
– Easy to install and use, a simple insertion of the down conductor through the device.
– High compatibility with all types of lightning conductors and equipment.
– Lightning current pickup from 500A

Hakel Strike Counter  

PBI-7 is a digital counter of current pulses, which are caused by lightning strikes to the object’s air-termination network. The counter is mounted directly on the lightning down conductor. The PBI-7 is equipped with a display and four control buttons.

By connecting the counter to the down lead of the air-termination network it is possible to get a detailed overview of the number of discharges and their time. Each recorded pulse is provided with a timestamp, by which it can be clearly identified, when the discharge has occurred with an accuracy of seconds.

The PBI-7 is powered by an independent battery pack for easy installation and replacement. The average battery lifetime is 5 years. The advantage of the counter is the battery control system, when the user is continuously informed of the remaining battery capacity. PBI-7 displays the battery cell status value as a figure in the range of 0 to 100 %.

PBI-7 is in compliance with IEC 62561-6: 2018 standard (Requirements for lightning strikes counter LSC).